Thrilled to welcome author and agent extraordinaire, Tina P. Schwartz to The Spotlight this week to chat about her non-fiction guide for teens

Author Name:  Tina P. Schwartz

Book Title:  Depression:The Ultimate Teen Guide

Book Genre:  Non-fiction/Health/Teens+

Release Date:  2017 paperback version (also available in Hardcover & E-book)

Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield (Scarecrow Press)

Welcome, Tina! Please tell us a bit about your book.

This is a book that is conversational, not using overly medical/dry language, to help teens and older cope with depression. It gives healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms, along with what to do when a friend confesses unhealthy thoughts, how to help. It inspires people to open up about their feelings and seek help when necessary.

What drew you to write a book about this topic? What inspired you to tell this particular story?

I struggled with depression as a teen, and an adult, and this book poses the questions I wanted answered, and the thoughts that were on my mind. I wanted to help people be able to cope with their depression and to see that things do get better, and there is help, and hope, out there!

What was your research process like for Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide?

I interviewed many young people who struggle with depression (and anxiety) about ways that help them get through the process of coping with such a hurdle. They gave interviews, poetry, photos, and essays about their feelings. It was enlightening to see what feelings were there, and things that helped them to feel better.

From your perspective, what’s the hardest thing about writing and researching? And what do you love most about it?

It can be hard to keep all the footnotes straight from where I found my facts and research, to keeping subjects who participated anonymous. I really liked connecting with the subjects who were involved. They felt better sharing their experiences, and I was privileged to have heard their stories.

What’s capturing your imagination these days outside of reading and writing?

I love spending time with my family, going to the city to see my two older kids thriving, and rediscovering Chicago, as it has so many wonderful qualities. As for new projects, I am finishing final edits on a Young Adult novel I wrote, getting ready to submit it. Also, I started my own Writing Coaching business to help writers go “From Laptop to Bookshelf”. It basically teaching them “what to do next” once they have a manuscript, and don’t know how to send it out and promote it.

In addition to being an author, you’re also a literary agent and book coach. What made you decide to get into the business of helping authors see their projects in both the drafting stages as a book coach and submitting to publishers as an agent? 

So many people have written something, but don’t know how to get it in the hands of someone who can publish it and get it into bookstores. That was my biggest hurdle when starting out as a writer. It is very satisfying to see something that has come to my inbox as a “manuscript” then a couple years later find it in my local Book Store! I feel like in some tiny way, I’ve helped people achieve their dreams!

Where can readers and writers find you?

I have two websites that feature both my writing, and my services: and My personal Twitter was hacked, unfortunately, but I still have my company handle @Tpurcellagency, I’m very active on LinkedIn @/tinapschwartz, for Instagram, @Schwartzie17.

[FYI, People can get my book at,,, and local independent bookstores. It’s available in hardcover (library bound), paperback, and e-book versions.]

** I also have a published book called WRITING & PUBLISHING: The Ultimate Teen Guide that shows all types and styles of writing and how to do it, the careers you can go into if you like writing, such as novelist, stand-up comedian, poet, political satirist, editor, etc. It shows what schooling is needed, and what kind of money you can expect to make. I hope this helps your readers, as well. It is also available at,, and Indy bookstores.

Thank you very much for sharing my work and business opportunities for writers in need!

Thank YOU, Tina! Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide is available everywhere.

Nearly one in six people will develop major depression, and teens are just as susceptible as adults — if not more so. Serious depression afflicts more than two million teenagers each year in the United States alone, but it can often be difficult for teens to recognize their ailment and get help. Clearly, teens with depression are not alone, and it is important that they realize the condition does not have to be “forever” but is something they can work toward overcoming.

In Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Tina P. Schwartz helps teens and young adults learn how to deal with this often debilitating affliction. Throughout the book, teens tell their personal stories of living with depression and other mood disorders, describe which treatments were successful, and share how they are coping today. Topics covered in this book include:

* warning signs and symptoms

* internal and external triggers

* coping mechanisms

* stigmas of mental health issues

* preserving relationships

* helping a sibling, parent, or friend who suffers from depression

Aimed to support teens and young adults who might otherwise feel helpless and hopeless about their situation, Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide.