Happy to welcome Rebecca Prenevost to the blog this week–her second in the Mom Walks series just released in February

Author Name: Rebecca Prenevost

Book Title: Mom Walks: Getting Crushed

Book Genre: Women’s Fiction, Mom Lit

Release Date: 2/16/2021

Publisher: Self-Published

How would you describe the Mom Walks series?

The Mom Walks books are light, fun stories about a mom and her two best mom friends as they navigate the chaotic trenches of parenting tweens and what the moms learn about themselves along the way. Mom Walks: Getting Crushed is the second book in the series. In it, the moms tackle parenting their kids through the precarious land of fifth-grade crushes. 

What sparked the idea for your series?

When I was younger, I loved reading light-hearted, relatable stories like The Baby-Sitters Club series and Judy Bloom books. After reading one of my daughter’s middle grade books, I was reminded of that and went looking for something with a similar vibe, but for moms. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, a writer friend suggested I try writing one. So I did, and I had a blast.

Where do you get ideas for your books?

I’m a mom of two tween girls, and I love listening to parenting podcasts and reading books that deal with parenting this age group. None of the characters or storylines in my books are exactly like something that’s happened to me or someone I know, but I draw a lot of inspiration from parenting stories I hear or read about.

I love that! There’s a lot to be inspired by as a parent. Are you working on a new project?

I’m still working on the third and fourth books for the series. In the third book, the moms will struggle to deal with their tweens’ increasing materialism as they enter middle school and try to fit in. In the fourth book, the moms will grapple with parenting their kids through cell phone and social media snafus. All the books are light, heart-warming reads, and any “drama” is very relatable.

Where can readers find you?

I’m most active on Instagram. I love sharing the parenting resources I find useful on my author account. I also have another Instagram account devoted to my parenting tweens and teens book club. 

Instagram: @rprenevost and @pttbookclub

Twitter: @rprenevost

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rprenevost

Website: www.rebeccaprenevost.com

Thank you, Rebecca! Mom Walks: Getting Crushed is available NOW!

Parenting kids through fifth-grade crushes should be pretty simple, right? A mom and her two best friends are about to find out.

Dawn feels very lucky. Her daughter Kayli is a solid student, has good friends, and is a leader on the basketball court. So when a supposedly innocent crush starts chipping away at Kayli’s self-esteem, Dawn struggles with what to do. Although her mom friends encourage her to intervene, Dawn hesitates. She’s inserted herself into Kayli’s social dynamics in the past, and it’s jeopardized their close mother-daughter relationship. But when she tries letting Kayli handle the precarious relationship on her own, the problems worsen and Kayli’s confidence plummets. As Dawn’s heart breaks watching her daughter shrink into a meeker version of her former self, a memory from her own past resurfaces. Dawn finally realizes she must reclaim her own voice in order to prevent Kayli from losing hers.