Debut novelist Casey Dembowski, whose romance launches TODAY, joins the Spotlight this week

Author Name: Casey Dembowski

Book Title: When We’re Thirty

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 27, 2021                                                   

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Welcome, Casey! Congrats on your debut! Please tell us about When We’re Thirty.

Can a pinky promise change your life? Hannah and Will are about to find out as they follow through on a pact they made to get married if they were both still single when they turned thirty.

What sparked the idea for your book?

I was really intrigued by the idea of actually following through on a marriage pact and what that might look like, especially if one of the characters was actually secretly in love with the other.

How long did it take for you to write it? Did you do have to do any research?

Each book takes me about a year. I’m a fairly slow writer—I can’t just put an outline on the page to fill in later. By the time I write “the end” I have a full book that of course needs editing, but I’ve written every chapter and scene and tugged every string and plugged every plothole.

Where do you get ideas for your books?

Songs usually. Most of my books have long playlists that help get me in  the mindset of that particular cast of characters. Sometimes I pull ideas from my life. I can pull something really small from my life and grow it into a huge thing that can drive a novel. By the end it usually doesn’t even resemble the thread I pulled from reality.

For you, what’s the hardest thing about writing?

Finding the time to fit it in. I’ve learned to be able to write a book in thirty minute intervals. But there’s just never enough time.

What do you love most about it?

I love creating characters and watching them flourish. My books almost always start with a character, and they stay with me long after I type the last words on their story.

How does your day job inform your novel writing ?

I work in corporate communications, so novel writing and my day job overlap a lot. I pick up editing skills from one or the other that I bring over. I also use different aspects of my job to employ my characters.

What are your interests outside of writing and reading?

Right now, not much. Between promoting my debut and a day job and raising my daughter, there’s not much time. But I do like to bake and cook, in general.

Are you working on a new project?

Yes! I’m trying my hand at an enemies-to-lovers rom-com, and it’s so much fun. I wish I’d turned to romance writing sooner!

Where can readers find you (website, blog, social media, etc.)? Feel free to include any upcoming, live/online events, workshops, too!






Thank you, Casey! When We’re Thirty is available as of today.

Two friends. One pact. The performance of their lives.

Hannah Abbott is stuck in a dead-end relationship and at a job she loves but that barely pays the bills. The four walls of her tiny New York City apartment have never seemed so small. She’s barely toasted her thirtieth birthday when her old college friend Will knocks on her door with an unexpected proposal.

Will Thorne never forgot the marriage pact he made with Hannah, but he also never imagined he’d be the one to initiate it. One ex-fiancée and an almost-career-ending mistake later, however, he finds himself outside Hannah’s door, on bended knee, to collect on their graduation-night pinky promise.

With both of their futures at stake, Hannah and Will take a leap of faith.

Now, all they have to do is convince their friends and family that they’re madly in love. As long as they follow the list of rules they’ve drafted, everything should go smoothly. Except Will has never been good with rules, and Hannah can’t stop overthinking the sleeping arrangements. Turning thirty has never been so promising.