Big welcome to C. D’Angelo, women’s fiction author of The Difference

Author Name: C. D’Angelo

Book Title: The Difference

Book Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: July 29, 2021

Publisher: Self

Congratulations on your debut! Please tell us a bit about The Difference.

A woman seeking fulfillment and clarity of identity goes on an ancestry mission to reveal her Italian immigrant grandpa’s secretive past, meanwhile trying to repair her damaged romantic relationship and her own mental health.

How long did it take for you to write the novel? Did you have to do any research?

The time taken to write the first draft was 5 years, but with large breaks in between writing. I have a full time job and didn’t focus on this particular hobby of mine until more recently. About 3 years ago I made finishing the novel a priority and soon it became a second time job over one of my many artistic pleasures. In the last few years I edited the draft, signed with a small press, left the small press, and now self published on 7-29-21. It was a long road to get to this point, but I’m beyond thrilled to have the book in my hands and that it is finally a reality.

As far as research, I made sure many facts were correct, but I also used topics I am extremely familiar with for my first book. I think that happens often with new authors. You write what you know! I integrated in my career of being a psychotherapist (and mental health themes), my travel to New York and Italy, ancestry research, and my interest in the Titanic (what a coincidence that my main character Rachel also is interested in the topic!). What I spent the most time researching was immigration patterns of the early 1900s, locations of origin and destination for immigrants, and facts. I did have to research a little of the northern Italian food because my family is from the south and it can be extremely different. P.S. Don’t read my book hungry because there’s food galore in there. ?

What drew you to the women’s fiction genre?

I wrote the book then found the genre. It chose me! What I realized is that Women’s Fiction is the perfect fit for me because of my mental health background and large interest in human behavior and empowerment. Women’s Fiction centers on a character’s emotional growth and I have 20 years of experience in helping people along that path as well as awareness of growth in my own life. I tie in threads of other genres or sub genres (romance and paranormal so far), but Women’s Fiction has my heart.

Where do you get ideas for your fiction?

Anywhere and everywhere. It may be a song or a movie that sparks my mind. It may be a place I traveled. It may come from a memory. I need the inspiration to have the passion to write the story so I let the ideas come in their own time. I do sometimes think about being ready for the next idea, which is my way of inviting them into my conscious thoughts. Then, I write a detailed plan of everything so I can keep building the idea.

If you were speaking to someone who hasn’t read your writing before, why should they want to read The Difference?

It’s a universally relatable story. I think most people can find themselves in my characters as well as in the story itself. We have all been through difficult times that may have affected our mental health, we all come from a family with quirks and traditions, and we all want satisfaction in life. Also, I have a conversational writing style and write in first person, which makes the reader feel like I am speaking to them. I’ve been told The Difference feels like reading a journal, with the main character’s deepest thoughts revealed. That comment fills my heart with joy because I aimed for that and achieved it.

What about the writing/editing/publishing process has been the most surprising to you so far?

The amount of organization needed to stay afloat! I actually wrote my July blog post about it because of being shocked, and to help others with tips (my blog is a behind the scenes look at being an author with my psychology knowledge). I am an extremely organized person but even I felt overwhelmed many times. Sometimes I swear I receive 40 emails a day. Publishing a book, especially now that I am a self publisher, requires many hats and skills; artist/writer, marketing and promotion, social media, communication with many people, record keeping, and probably much more. I would love an assistant, lol.

Now that your book is published, what advice would you give to yourself when you were just getting started as a writer?

The finished product will take longer than expected, but stay with it because all will be worth it. In the book publishing business, I have learned to expect many slow aspects of the process. Toward the end of my journey it was faster, but wow the editing part seemed to take forever. Once my destiny was in my own hands again, I made sure to get the show on the road!

What are your interests outside of writing and reading?

So many! My first artistic love is drawing. That was my first mode of creative expression. Then came cross stitch, playing instruments (I play ukulele now), crochet, sewing, and painting. I also love to travel, swim in my pool, and watch TV and movies. I sometimes stress myself out with my many passions because there isn’t 80 hours in a day. Hey, better to have too many interests, right?

Are you working on a new project? Please tell us about it.

I have my second novel, The Visitor, written and ready to go! I hope to publish it next year. This second Women’s Fiction novel is about main character Mary, who is blindsided by the news that her New Orleans new age store and home will be demolished by a developer, aka her nemesis ex-boyfriend. She needs to learn to trust strangers, even a mystical new customer, to help save it or lose all she’s gained. The paranormal element is new for me but I love reading books with it so figured I may as well write it. And, of course the Italian culture and history is also included in my book. Those aspects will be in all of my books.

Where can readers find you (website, blog, social media, etc.)? Feel free to include any upcoming, live/online events, workshops, too!

I am active on social media in my Instagram and Twitter accounts, but also have a Facebook page (see below). All information is on my website for my Behind the Scenes Author Life blog, my pitch party services for writers querying (For Writers page), and of course my newsletter so people can take part in giveaways and know everything first as a C. VIP. I have an Events and Media page where people can read or watch interviews as well.






Thank you, C! The Difference is OUT NOW.

When anxiety-prone Rachel Granza learns that her growing sense of emptiness is affecting her relationship with her almost perfect boyfriend and that she’s jeopardizing any possibility of a marriage proposal, she knows she must pull herself out of her funk. But how? A dream apartment in New York City, a thriving psychotherapy practice, and her unique obsessions with topics like the Titanic don’t even make her feel grounded anymore. Red alert!

Trying to find happiness and meaning again—in more than her beloved Italian food—she stumbles into a genealogy mission to discover childhood information about her idol, aka her grandpa, who died years ago. He never spoke about his Italian immigrant past and now she’s determined to find out the reason for his unusual secretiveness.

Rachel’s ancestral roller coaster has roadblocks galore, but she needs the answers to her family’s hidden history. They’re her only hope to know more about her hero, salvage her relationship, and most importantly to save herself.