Gabi Coatsworth is here this week to chat about her memoir, Love’s Journey Home

Author Name: Gabi Coatsworth

Book Title: Love’s Journey Home

Book Genre: Memoir

Release Date: May 7, 2022

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Welcome, Gabi! Please tell us a bit about your memoir.

Love’s Journey Home tells the story of my decades-long love affair with the handsome American I fell hopelessly in love with when I was 25. We forged a thirty-year life together through ups and downs, but I finally gave up when Jay’s alcoholism became more than I could bear. When not long after, he received a devastating medical diagnosis, I knew I’d regret it if I stayed away. So, I returned home to care for him, and unexpectedly found I had a second chance at love.

What was the spark? What drew you to write a memoir? What made you want to tell this particular story?

The death of my husband was the catalyst. In the aftermath of his long illness, I felt the need to figure out my feelings about loving him, and to answer the question “was our love real? Or was I just infatuated as a young woman?” As I wrote, the answers seemed to intrigue my critique partners, who urged me to publish it when it was done.

From your perspective, what’s the hardest thing about writing a memoir?

The hardest thing about this book was to dig down deep into my emotions. I’m British, so this doesn’t come naturally to me. At one point, I was ready to quit, as my critique partners asked, “But how did you feel about that?” They told me to write it as though no one would ever read it, which helped me resume writing. I couldn’t have done it without them.

What’s capturing your imagination these days outside of reading and writing?

The pandemic had one benefit – It gave me time to focus on my writing, and to find a whole new community of writers online. I joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, who have been holding daily write-ins, and made many friends who’ve been extremely supportive and knowledgeable about everything to do with writing. But I realized I had to get out of the house too, and began visiting gardens in my state of Connecticut, which I found incredibly calming yet inspiring too. I always return to my desk reinvigorated.

Any new writing projects in the works?

I have a women’s fiction novel out on submission and am working on another based on one of the characters in the first book. Fiction is so much easier to write!

Where can readers find you?

I love connecting with readers, and I always answer emails. Readers can find me via this link.

Thank you, Gabi! Love’s Journey Home is OUT NOW.

Their relationship seemed destined for heartache. A terminal diagnosis would teach them the true meaning of love.

Gabi Coatsworth never meant to fall for the handsome American. And after walking away because he was married, the British single mother thought she’d go forever without seeing him again. But her move to Chicago five years later for a career opportunity led to their reunion, a rekindled romance, and a wedding.

Forging a thirty-year life together through ups and downs, Gabi finally gave up when her husband’s alcoholism became more than she could bear. But not long after, he received a devastating medical diagnosis. Knowing she would regret it if she stayed away, she returned home to care for him.

And unexpectedly learned it’s never too late for a second chance…

This relatable story will resonate with readers who long to know that love can endure despite the many obstacles life puts in its way. Part romance, part medical memoir, all heart, it’s for everyone who needs to know that they can make it through life’s hardships and find happiness again.