Melissa Sercia returns to the blog today to talk about her Blood and Darkness boxed set. Welcome back, Melissa!

Author: Melissa Sercia

Title: Blood and Darkness Boxed Set

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Release Date: Out Now

Publisher: City Owl Press

Please describe your series.

My new release is the Blood and Darkness Box Set! It includes all three of my books plus a bonus excerpt from the spinoff series I’m working on!

How does the series expand or continue the story from Blood and Magic?

The Blood and Darkness series has many crazy twists and turns throughout each book. Book 2, Flesh and Bone, raises the stakes for Gray and turns her world upside down. By the time you get to Gods and Demons, book 3, Gray’s entire existence is put to the test and everything she’s ever loved is at risk.

How has the main character grown or changed from the first book?

Gray starts out very focused and driven solely by revenge. She yearns for her humanity and wants to punish the ones who took it from her. In book 2, her magic is stronger and darker. She’s completely let go of her humanity and borderlines on becoming just like the very ones she despises. By book 3, it sort of comes full circle. She’s able to conquer her demons, let go of the past, and find a sense of hope again.

What’s been the most fun about writing this series for you?

I loved playing with the characters. The scene work and dialogue were some of the most fun parts about writing this. As a writer, it is so exhilarating to take something that didn’t exist and create it into being. The world building and researching was really fun to do too!

How does your day job or hobbies inform your novel writing?

I think what most informs my writing is a combination of my whimsical imagination and my passion for the fantasy genre. I read a lot of fantasy books, comic books, and watch a lot of fantasy shows/films. Immersing myself in the culture of all of it helps to keep my mind in the game, so to speak.

What are your interests outside of writing and reading?

I love to cook, drink wine, and play video games. I also love to travel when I can.

What’s next for you? Do you have any new projects in the works?

I am so excited to be working on my spinoff series. It will take place ten years after the events of Blood and Darkness. While set in the same world with some returning characters that were fan favorites, the story will be completely fresh with a new main character, named Arya. I am developing a whole new magic system, introducing more unique and diverse characters, and expanding on the entire world that they live in. The first book is called Smoke and Ritual. This series will be four books and focus solely on the witches. I am hoping to have it available in the later part of this year!

And once again, where can readers find you (website, blog, social media, etc.)?

Here are the links to all my pages. Thank you!





Thank you, Melissa! The Blood and Darkness series is out now!

From urban fantasy author, Melissa Sercia, comes the Blood and Darkness Box Set. The collection contains books 1 – 3 and a sneak peek of the spinoff series, including Blood and Magic, Flesh and Bone, and Gods and Demons. Join Gray and enter the paranormal Underworld!