A Good Deal

You wouldn’t think that the way in which a person prefers to buy and consume ice-cream would say all that much about an individual, but it does. Josh and I are totally different in this respect. I like to buy ice-cream in a single-serve cone form preferably from a hoity-toity ice-cream shop. I will happily plunk down $4 for a single scoop of outstanding strawberry ice-cream stuffed into a sugar cone. If Josh, on the other hand, witnesses me do that, I get the angry smile. Josh’s favorite ice-cream store? Shop Rite. Or Costco. Anyplace that sells ice-cream that comes in a tub.

He’s tried reasoning with me: “For $4, you can get a whole gallon of ice-cream, not just a scoop.” But that logic just bounces right off me. I don’t see buying ice-cream scoop by scoop as wasteful. In fact, I see buying a large quantity of ice-cream as wasteful. I typically don’t want ice-cream all that often, which is why I buy and eat it on a scoop-by-scoop basis. If I bought ice-cream in a larger size I’d 1) be stuck with that flavor for a while. Boring. 2) I wouldn’t eat all of it and weeks later it would render itself into that sticky goo topped with ice crystals. 3) Or alternatively, I would eat it so as not to be “wasteful.” And I’d be consuming ice-cream more often than I’d want and probably enjoying it a lot less, since I’d be so bored from having the same flavor day in, day out. Plus we’re stuck with crappy ice-cream

Me? Just give me one standout cone of high-quality ice-cream from Franklin Fountain. That tops off the end to a delightful summer afternoon. I would stand in a long line for that, and with Virginia, excitedly go back and forth on what each of us might order. Cookies ‘n’ cream? Rocky road? Sweet cream? I relish the whole experience right up to the last bite. Josh is more about quantity over quality. A gallon of Bryer’s or Friendly’s ice-cream? Fine. His enjoyment of ice-cream is directly correlated to the amount he gets. So if he gets a great deal on a great deal of ice-cream that can take him through a week or more of daily scoops, then he’s happy. Really happy. Like happy for more than a week.

So last week, Josh was faced with the choice to buy one box of Matzo for $2.50 or take home five boxes for free. Which do you think he chose?

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